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Rose C, Chicago...
Great seller as always! I never have to worry about a thing when I buy from Carol, as everything goes so smoothly with her! She's a real asset in the online shopping world, so buy from her with total confidence!

Marcell M., Bostic, N.C....
Your the greatest I have heard it from many people how you help them, and how kind you are. Keep up the good work...

Rose C., Chicago...
Another great deal from one of the planet's best sellers and best ladies! How can I describe what a joy it is to deal with Carol: she's friendly, polite, fun, and she always ships exactly when she says she will! Really, you just CANNOT go wrong buying from this lady! I've been buying from her for over a year now, and I foresee that I will continue buying from her for as long as I live. This lady puts the "customer service" departments of the major companies to shame; in fact, those companies should take a lesson from Carol in how to treat customers - this lady is just simply the best ever!

Steven, T.,CA

J. S., P.A.
Everything was as promised...Wonderful person to deal with!!!

Frank B., New Jersey...
FAST SHIPPER GOOD PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH AAA+++ Very good packing job in fact, the best that I saw so far since I been dealing the last 3 years with Yahoo I am sure that I will be dealing with them again, I just want to say Thank You

H. J, IL
Mother received her doll and was elated.... Thank you so much for taking the time and all of your patience in dealing with me.    You are a wonderful person and I can't thank you enough for helping me make my mother a happy lady.

L. . W., Texas
Carol (and William), I can't thank you enough for Liberty Lady. We got her home last night and my daughter was smiling so hard that her face hurt.
The inner box and the doll arrived in perfect condition.

J.F., CA
Thanks Carol.    R. Barbie arrived and looks great!    I appreciate the excellent service.

Jose.....L.A., CA
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided. Thanks. :-) Jose.

Mary D., ............P.S.C.
Thanks so very much for your “outstanding” service!    People like you are an asset and model to the business world. I never felt that my questions were a burden to you; you consistently took the time to answer each question clearly and provided prompt service of a “superb” quality.       Moreover, you are an excellent model for me when I open my doll museum in the future.

Douglas, A., , Columbia, M.D.
I did receive the teapot on Monday.    I thought it was just so beautiful.    Unfortunately, it was so beautiful that I could not wait to give it to my wife. I made her a cup of tea (WDW sorcerer of course) and served the hot water to her in the teapot. She did love it.I want you to know how impressed I was by your customer responsiveness.    I was surprised that you got the payment last week, as I thought for sure you would get it this week. Instead, I actually got the teapot about the time I thought you would be getting the payment.I do hope that if I ever want to get anything similar, your web site will have it, because I will not hesitate to do business with you again.Thanks for a good business experience, and thank you for helping me put a great smile on my wife's face.

Susan A., MA. (Beanie Baby)
Hi Carol, Just wanted to let you know that the worm arrived safely. My daughter, Caroline, was so excited! She has made him his own bed and set a chair for him at the dinner table. Funny how such simple things can make them so happy...too bad that has to end as they grow up!Anyway, you seemed so nice in your e-mails and I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I'll be sure to check back with you if there is something we "just have to have" in the future...

Tami, V.......Fl
I will say that you have the best personal service I have ever received online, and the fastest. It was a pleasure. Thank you so much for a very positive experience.    I received the doll, in MINT condition, the fastest shipping ever, and packed with much care. She is beautiful!Tami

Dale, A, VA
Carol--the pin is gorgeous!!!    Thank you!!    It's on its way to my sister
for Christmas---Dale.

M.M., MO.
Miss Liberty arrived Wednesday and sound.    And, I almost missed them....thank you for the candy canes.    What a nice little extra surprise.    You're very thoughtful.

Sandi M., Fresno, CA.
Received the necklace today, Saturday, January is simply beautiful!!    Thank you for the awesome job packing the item.    It was in perfect condition.    Thank you again for a smooth transaction.

Jeff, F., IA
Good morning Carol.    Thanks so very much for the EXTRA EFFORT to get Happy Bull out on the final shipment!    I'm really excited about surprising my wife.    You have been absolutely wonderful to work with - and very gracious to this last minute shopper.

And in the meantime, I pray your business will prosper and flourish in the new year. If you treat all of your customes like you did me, you have a bright future with internet sales.    Blessings for a wonderful holiday.    Jeff

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